About The Artist

Biographical Information

Art Fernandez, a native of Carmel, California, has been photographing since age 10. His interest in photography was sparked at the age of four by the gift of a camera from his father. Over time this interest opened doors to creativity and enabled Art to play with mood and lighting. At first with small cameras, he experimented with local scenes of Point Lobos, Pebble Beach, and other non-descript moments.

While attending Humboldt State University in Northern California, his interest in photography became more serious. By the age of 20, he had moved to large format cameras and alternative photographic techniques. It was at this time that Art began to photograph almost exclusively in black and white.

Art has traveled extensively throughout the Western United States finding the unique in the otherwise ordinary. His subjects range from architecture, industrial, landscape, and long duration photography.

About The Site

Illuminare represents a moment in time where I was photoblogging every day for about 3 years and has a representative sample of my work spanning from about 1986 - 2010. It was a unique experiment to not only make me think about an image to capture and share, but to actually experiment with new techniques.

In 2011, I stopped photoblogging and have been updating my and maintaining my new portfolio site artfernandez.com. This is where the bulk of my professional and fine art photography is hosted and sold from online.

About The Name

illuminare means to illuminate, to bring light into darkness. Much like a lens captures light and exposes silver gelatin film, illuminare in the context of photography is the shedding of light onto hidden details of an image.